Übersetzung “Another …” ins Englische

Renee did a great job to translate my Stanathan story to English. Here the link:


Thanks Renee!


About starthebuck

Ich lese um zu träumen, träume um zu lesen. This blog about books is partly in English and partly in German mostly because I read in both languages and sometimes it makes more sense to review in the language you read even if grammer sucks!
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4 Responses to Übersetzung “Another …” ins Englische

  1. Hi starthebuck,
    Thanks for the follow.Sorry,I can’t read German,but judging by the header photo I believe you write about Castle and Beckett? I wish I could read your posts though. 😦 I tried to read some with the Google translator but we all know how untrustworthy its translations are.I’ll have to check out this translation soon.I too love watching Castle and ship Caskett. 🙂 By the way,have you watched Nathan Fillion in Firefly?He was so young.

  2. starthebuck says:

    I read lots of classics for work because I teach literature so I need easy readings in private. But I usually also read crime but havent in quite a bit.

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